Welcome to the KC4's Tenpin Bowling Club

The KC4's Ten Pin Bowling League plays at the Hollywood Bowl in Tolworth, Surrey on Tuesdays starting at 7pm. The League has bowlers with a wide range of abilities, catering for both the serious bowlers and those that are new to the sport. 



Further to the team captains meeting, it has been decided that due to the uncertainty of the virus, we will be holding off any further bowling until we are officially given the all clear via official sources.  This therefore means that if we can, we will bowl the final week of the 2nd rotation, as long as it falls before the official end date of the league.

I hope this makes sense and hope that you all keep safe and look forward to seeing you soon.


Dear ALL.

Please note that due to the current affairs, we have had a number of bowlers not able to attend.  Therefore, the committee has taken the decision to postpone the bowling for tomorrow evening.  We wish for all our bowlers to have as much fun as possible.  But we also want them to be as safe as can be.

Therefore, please do let your teams know that there will NOT be any bowling tomorrow (Tuesday 17th March 2020)

Whilst writing:  We request the presence of all team captains, or a representative, so that we can discuss a way forward during these trying times.  This will be at 7pm at the bowl and will be kept as brief as possible to minimise any potential for exposure.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any problems or queries.

Thank you.
Paul Mitchell
KC4 League Secretary
07716 563260

week 21 results are now uploaded. Another great week of bowling.

In light of the recent pandemic, please rest assured that currently the bowl is still open and the league will be carrying on as usual.  Should you feel that you are at risk of the current virus, please carry out the recommendations of your GP and the government, by self isolating.   

Please be sure to contact your entire team and ensure you have a team available for Tuesday.  Should this not be the case, please do send me a text directly and advise of your circumstances.  Please note, our floaters team is becoming sporadic and thinned out currently.  As such any floaters required will be on a first come first served basis.

Callys Heroes have already contacted me requesting 1 floater for this week.  Should you know of any shortages, please do contact me and we will work out as best we can on the evening.

Bowl well and stay safe guys n gals. Hope to see you all on the lanes.

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EGM - 19th November 2019

The EGM was held after the nights bowling and we had a good turn out.  Thanks to those that showed up or handed in a Proxy Vote.
The night started with the election of a new Vice President, due to the resignation of Shane Poupaert.  It was a unanimous request and vote for Ian Wall to fill the spot.  Please help me to welcome our new VP - Mr Ian Wall.

The next port of business was to discuss and agree a way forward for The Floaters Team.  It has been mentioned that some weeks the opposing team has faced an empty floating team, whilst other weeks there has been a full fit and healthy Floater team to play against.  This had not really impacted on the scoring, but was still perceived as unfair.  
As such it was discussed, voted and agreed upon that as of the end of the first cycle, The Floater Team will be a "Pacing Team".  This means that week on week, anyone who bowls for the floaters, will just be a pacer.  However, if they are available or required to bowl in one of the League Teams, they will still maintain their current handicaps and be available to bowl for that team.

Please do remember, that under the terms of our contract with the bowl for the League, we MUST pay full lineage for the 11 competing teams, but we ONLY pay for players that fill the floaters team on an ad-hoc basis.  Therefore, please let's stop the Blind Scores being played if there are floaters available.  Please see myself should you need any positions within your team filled.

I hope that this all works out for the next cycle and continues on to the end of the season.  I also hope that we can then fill the Floaters Team on a permanent basis, to such an extent that we can field a full 12 teams for next season and status quo can resume.

In the meantime - Have fun, Bowl well and Enjoy yourselves Guys n Gals.


Paul Mitchell
League Secretary




This message is to ALL members.


As a result of this season's AGM in September I'm pleased to announce we will be doing everything in our power to bring back a social event at the end of the season.

Our very own Treasurer (Sam) has already begun obtaining information from local eating establishments. Hopefully news of possible where and when will be announced in the weeks leading up to Christmas.





Bowling Suspended
Due to the current
Coronavirus outbreak
bowling is suspended
until further notice



Team Dues - Blinds and Postponed Games

Where a team cannot field a full squad and have to either bowl with a 'Blind' or postpone a match, the team concerned still has to pay the full amount, as if there were 4 players.

When there is a postponement, both teams concerned are still required to pay the lane fees for the week that they were scheduled to play originally. This is because the League contracts, with the Bowl, to play 144 games across 12 lanes each week. Where there is a postponement we are still obliged by our contract to pay. Teams postponing their match do not have to pay any additional lane fees when they later arrange to play but the Bowl needs to be told that their booking is as a result of a postponement, giving the original match date, so that they can check their records of the postponement.

Where teams decide, for time or other reasons, to resort to a 'double header', therby not playing their postponed games, they are still required to pay the lane dues.


Constitution and Rules
The Constitution and Rules can be accessed using the INFORMATION tab menu on this website.

Nick Peek has a web site for our very young bowlers (PeeWees) at Tolworth. If anyone has photos of the YBC in the past please contact Nick. The website is:- www.tolworth10pin.co.uk




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