1. The longest running team from the original league was the 33 years life of Guttersnipes.
  2. Our oldest current team is Late Again which is 35 years old in the 2010 season.
  3. Other old teams are Saxons which is 30 years old and Jokers Wild which is 29 years old in the 2010 season.
  4. What is in a name? One team has changed its name at least 8 times. It started as Blackadder IV, changed to Open House, then Going Spare and Mission Impossible. The next change was to Mission Possible . The team them became Bottoms Up, followed by Dream Team and is now known as Take That.
  5. The League name changed to KC4s in 1979 following the start of sponsorship from Keith Chapman.
  6. League records were first computerised by Ester Parks in 1982; it is reported that it highlighted that a number of teams could not add up!
  7. The leagues first perfect game was bowled in May 1982 by Glen Gibbons; it is another twenty one years before a second 300 is bowled by Nick Peek and is then followed by Ken Wells in 2004.
  8. One League Secretary lasted just three weeks in the post before disappearing for months. Clive Strike replaced long standing League Secretary Ray Goodall in September 1999.
  9. Liz Baxter stepped in when Clive Strike left but had ongoing problems when data would suddenly appear in the wrong order on League Sheets. Eventually the problem was traced to a rogue mouse which would randomly decide to select some data and then sort it!
  10. Since the change in rules for winning the league if there was a tie on points (which now requires a play-off) there has been three instances of a tie at the end of season. In all three instances it has been the same two teams - Rum Bunch and Saxons.