The information on Team Names below has been collected from many sources. Anyone who knows of more origins of names (or any team not included in the list), just let Nick Peek know and we will update the records.

Interesting Facts and Origin of Name
Won the league in 1974/5 with Chris and Graham.
The team initially consisted of the better halves of what was believed to be the better halves of married couples. 
Jogs Jags
The name apparently related to milk floats from Job’s Dairy and the way team members were reputed to drive them
Guinness Galore
Named as Arthur Guinness won Queens Award to industry due to efforts of Archie Redwood and Garry Taylor
Name relates to Schweppes advert which was current in the 1980's
Named by Hilda Cox back in 1965 after watching the majority of their balls roll down the blue bits - the comment in 1982 was it is amazing what a bit of practice can do! Team disbanded through bowlers moving, etc. Geoff Clapsom was one of the original bowlers before moving to Rum Bunch.
Rum Bunch
Team name comes from the claim by the Jacksons that they drank the bar dry of Rum on one occasion.
High Rollers
John High’s team when bowling as a family
Lynn Chapman (Canham) bowled with team in late 70's. Lynn was for many years the Treasurer of the KC4s.
US 4
Team associated with Chris Taylor and the Gibbons family for much of the 80's then the Huggets and Goode’s in the late 90's
Name evolved from founder members Ken Watson and Vic Redington getting up to something fishy at Littlehampton. In the 90's and early 2000's, team was associated with Alan Kiy.
Arose from initials from founders (two J's, two E's and a T)
Bottoms Up
Barbara Gibbons team in the 70's - name replaced an earlier one which was bottom of the league for 2 years
Late Again
Team associated with Keith (long time sponsor of KC4s) and Lynn Chapman (Canham) for much of its life.
Angels(became Pauls Angels)
Freda Taylor’s team of the 70's. Name changed to Pauls Angels when Paul Taylor became part of team.
Believed to be the previous name for Saxons prior to Terry Ward joining the team.
Renamed after Terry Ward joined the team - came from a local Rugby team. Neil Barron then Terry Ward recorded as a team bowler in 1982.
A & J
Alan Mills team - name means Adults and Juniors
Nuffink (1983 name changed to The Outsiders)
First season 1981 /82
La Medos
Team name is not quite the Spanish name it seems at first - try it backwards for the true meaning.
Jokers Wild
Team name from Margaret Aldridge who saw it on a one armed bandit!
Pure Genius(merged with Jokers Wild Winter 2001)
Previous incarnations were as Guinness Galore and Guinnless
Whiskey & Nuts
Double Up(became Do'nuts)

Team turned up with donuts on most weeks. Reputed to come from Harrods but wherever they come from, they highly recommended. For favoured opponents, donuts were on offer provided you are kind to the team! Sadly this tradition has now been dropped.
Mission Impossible(became Bottoms Up)
Referred to being in the bottom part of the league.
Bottoms Up
(2003 version). Named after team came bottom of the league.
Dream Team
Renamed Bottoms Up after a more successful season.
Blind As Bats
Team formed to replace the blind team required when the league had an odd number of teams in 1998.
Top Hats
Believed to have come from the missiles used in the first Gulf War.
The Shadows
Come A Long Way
Crawley youngsters who travelled a long way up to Tolworth each week. Added a sense of fun to the league during the year with KC4s. Work schedules forced a move to Coles Ceilings on Wednesdays.
(formed from Challengers)
Ball Breakers
At least one of their bowlers hammered the balls down the lane - to great effect
Nine Pins
Grim Reapers
The Sting
Spare Set
High Fives
Blind Ali
Evolved from the blind team which bowled in the early part of 2005 season
Calley's Heros
Team joined from Garden Care League (when it stopped as a league) in 2009
Team joined from Garden Care League (when it stopped as a league) in 2009

Whilst we have trawled all the information available to us, it does show already there are gaps in peoples memories as well as many interesting facts that could easily be lost in the future if not recorded.